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RF design house (RFDH) launched at 2000. 8. 1 as RF engineering Community for Korean engineers. This is a pure non-commercial site.

RFDH has over 30,000 technical members, and has many information as following.

- Q&A forum & FAQ search
   : It has many questions & answers over 10,000, it's an very active session. 

- technical library (only for members)
   : journal , application note, technical document, S/W (over thousands of..)

- lectures for RF * Microwave, Wireless communication , RF tools

- RF dictionary (over 600 terms)

- company information in Korea (over 500 companies)

- international/domestic RF books information (over 1000 books)

- Recruit & Job search

Originally, RFDH is not a commercial site but a personal website.
RFDH is maintaining by only one webmaster, It's me.
I'm so an RF enginner in field, I'm maintaining this site with extra times & banners.

RFDH provides only Korean version. and..
I'm sorry to say that there are no plan to make any other language version yet.

Thank you for visiting!

RFDH master ( radarman@rfdh.com )

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